Islamic business ethics


She smiled brightly about wind taking your letters or letters of and at times arrogant. Ancient Arabia used to have commercial fairs in almost all major towns and regions; it is probable that the Prophet visited some of these commercial fairs. Is it possible to deceive God?

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There is no difference between the sphere of worship and the sphere of business; Islamic laws govern the family life of Muslims well as their social conduct. The real issue pertains to the macro-economics implications of the manner of utilizing resources in the context of a given prioritized social and economic needs.

After marrying Khadijah, the Prophet took several business trips throughout parts of Arabia. Human beings are one family, although we have our differences. Another inevitable enforcement mechanism in any organized society, composed of less than angels, is government controls, monitoring and policing powers.

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Some historians have also suggested that he probably traveled to Iraq and Ethiopia. There is no difference between the sphere of worship and the sphere of business; Islamic laws govern the family life of Muslims well as their social conduct.

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Both business and ethics are interrelated. Prophet Muhammad would join in these caravans. But the spiritual, heavenly dimension consists of mind and conscience which have the potential of controlling the elements of greed and anger.You just clipped your first slide!

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THE term ‘business ethics’ refers to the behaviour that a business organisation is supposed to adhere to in its. Business Ethics that examine ethical rules, values and principles within a commercial context, a variety of moral or ethical problems that can occur in a business setting; and any responsibility that is valid to persons engaged in different business.

Islam is a religion of nature and provides codes, values, principles and ethics for all the sections. In order to apply the worldview discussed in the first five sections of this chapter to specific areas of business ethics, an examination of the nature of ethics in Islam was discussed, paving the way for the exposition of Islamic ethics in the traditional areas of production, consumption and distribution.

Adding the adjective "Islamic" to "business ethics" might surprise some. But one has to realize that Islam is more than just a religion in the spiritual sense of the word; it is a way of life.

Even the secular aspects of life are greatly influenced by spiritual values.

Some Key Business Ethics Principles in Islam

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Islamic business ethics
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