Globalization affects organization behaviour

The positive influences of cultural diversity not only enable the organization to increase the scope of its reach — the business also receives favorable exposure from every sector Globalization affects organization behaviour the population due to its multicultural approach.

Leadership might be universal in terms of a kind of social process but that the content of leadership was affected by the culture.

There are three parts of this essay. Cultural diversity is geared toward having a deep respect and understanding of the various people in the organization. When a multinational company is expanding globally it has try to maintain its corporate culture whilst keeping up with global culture, finding the right mix can be difficult.

Certainly the most notorious example of a charismatic leader is Hitler. There are many advantages to globalization due to the various opportunities in which businesses can expand to international markets.

This is an effect of globalization, but it also has an affect on a larger scale. If you own a small U. Thinking of ways to connect to those customers will help your business grow. This executive needs to understand the culture within which he works and how his employees perceive leadership.

In contrast, producing the shoes in China reduces the costs significantly. Now, globalization is not just a matter of trade and economic interdependence. Outsourcing abroad is popular due too significantly lower manual labor costs in countries such as China, Taiwan, Philippines and India.

If they produce shoes in the US, they have to cut its profit margins substantially because US employees are paid quite high wages. They have a different view on involvement, supportiveness, collaboration, teamwork and trust. The incredible expansion of internet-related business, for example, means that a crafts person in Connecticut potentially has customers all over the world.

All of these changes are associated with the globalization of organizations, such as the appearance of global managers, diversity in the workplace, cultural differences and the restructuring of hierarchy.

As globalization has fostered the thought of multiculturalism, the relationship between culture and organizational behavior has become increasingly valued. When conducting business globally it is vital to know what to wear for different occasions, how to greet and what gestures and gifts are acceptable.

How subordinates behave around their managers is one of the major factors regarding relations in a global company, for example in India a subordinate never challenges or corrects his manager, challenging a manager would cause offence.

How Does Globalization Affect an Organization's Business Approach?

On one hand, it provides the cheaper price to consumers; on the other hand, the vulnerable consumers would suffer from the exploitation by MNCS.

Multicultural team can provide strategic advancement for an organization. These diverse persons have different values, beliefs, and ethics.

It is possible to categorize global organizational cultures into three primary dimensions; firstly where core values and practices are shared throughout the company, secondly where the core values are localized and finally a multidirectional process where core values may be reconciled locally.

What constitutes a good communicator is likely to vary greatly across cultures. Market diversification will continue and will almost certainly increase.

If one were to list all the different ways a small business should respond to globalization, that would be a very long list. However in many western countries such as the US, UK and Iceland subordinates are expected to express their views even though it is to correct the manager.

The Nike corporation and its products are well known throughout the word.The world economy is increasingly integrated. What happens anywhere in the world eventually affects your business. This requires your approach to business to include an awareness and understanding.

Globalization and Organizational Behaviour

Globalization is a process. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the impact of globalization advantages and disadvantages on organizational behaviour. There are three parts of this essay.

First, there are two sides of the definition of globalization. Second, this essay will illustrate the role of globalization of organizational behaviour.

Aug 26,  · Organization behavior is a subject that analyzes the behavior of people in group and attempt to create efficient and effective business environment.

Impact of Globalization on Organizational Culture, Behaviour and Gender Role

Globalization is the process that improves the interaction through integration of society, culture, politics and business across the world. The world economy is increasingly integrated, in which -- to cite a famous example -- a butterfly's wings in Brazil can affect a tornado in Kansas.

The importance of organizational behaviour (OB) has accentuated subse­quent to globalization and the consequent changes in business practices. Since the term globalization has many ramifications, we need to first under­stand its different dimensions and then try to attempt a compact definition.

As we move from Fordism to Post-Fordism and from Industrialism to Post-Industrialism, the new Market that prevails under Globalization implies many changes to the nature of work and organizations.

This new Market dictates, or rather governs, the way corporations think and how workers are treated.

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Globalization affects organization behaviour
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